Dale in Sherry Hills, NJ
owned by Larry and Peggy Stephens
son of  Hoss
Satisfied Customers
Thanks so much for the pictures of the puppies you bought from us. We love
watching them grow. Please send us more as they grow older!! Thanks for
giving our puppies a good home! We have added another satisfied customers
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Chief in South Lake Tahoe, CA
owned by the Hathaway family
son of Hoss and Mollie
Hoss  puppy in Florida.
Buddy in Weymouth, MA
owned by Leia Secor
son of Hoss and Maggie
Bear in Albany, GA
owned by Frannie and James
Cotton and Sugar pup
"has a great nose for quail"
This is John Paul in Indiana after taking
this big buck.
"Hoss" is owned by Rick Davidson and
tracks deer for Midwest Bucks. Visit him
Barney in Argyle, TX
owned by the Dendy family
Lillie in Venice, FL
owned by Pam Boyer and
daughter of Lily and Cotton
Speed in Seattle, WA
owned by Ian Kennedy and
son of Hoss and Drew's
Sugar Baby (Sugar, Daisy,
and Lily's mother)
Sammie in Saugus, MA
owned by Tricia and John
Hoss and Mollie pup
Cotton Ace Pounders
son of Hoss and Maggie
4 1/2 years old
loves to play hide-n-seek
Shelby in Missouri
owned by Kerri and Ron
son of Georgia and Billy
1 1/2 years old
"loves chasing the ducks"
Knut in California
owned by Matt and Stephanie
son of Lily and Cotton
8 months old
Sadie in New York
owned by Julie and Alex
daughter of Lily and Cotton
owned by Noah and Karson
son of Sugar and Cotton
"loves to swim, take walks,
and cuddle on the floor"
Kona in Alabama
owned by Kim and Carter
son of Daisy and Cotton
1 year old
owned by Sara Beth and Michael
daughter of Lily and Cotton
in Mobile, AL
loves playing in the mud
almost 1 yr. old
Belisse and Lily owned by the
Derricks in Dallas, TX  
daughters of Georgia and Jack
owned by the
Hildebrands in Colorado
owned by the McEneaney
family in California
3 years old
Sonny in Jasper, AL
owned by Scotty and Mandy Lynn
son of Maggie and Hoss
Moss in Alabama
owned by Michael and
Lesley Lightcap
daughter of Cotton and Lily
Bailey in New Jersey
owned by Mary Ellen Butler and family
son of Hoss
brother to our Daisy and Lily